It is Time!

Oklahomans say there are three sport seasons; Football season, Pre-season football and spring football. It is even truer when the state basketball teams had such dismal years. The OKC Thunder is trying hard to change this attitude in Oklahoma but I have a feeling it will take a few years. Because of Oklahoma’s love for football we live in constant anticipation for fall to begin and your favorite team to kickoff its season. When the season begins we can say, “It is time.”

It is time. There is an event happening on Sunday that I have anticipated since the day God told me it was time to begin a re-visioning process at Eastern Heights Baptist Church. This Sunday at 4:00 “it is time” to kickoff our first church summit. This summit is open to everyone in the church. In fact, I encourage every church member to be here. We will learn a lot from each other. The two main accomplishments from this summit will be building a journey wall of the most significant events of our past and discovering our actual values. Until we understand where we have been and where we are, we cannot understand where God wants us to go in the future.

It is time for us all to come together and discover who God wants us to be in Christ.


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