A Call to Faithfulness

Happy New Year!  I come into this year with great anticipation of what God is going to do in my life, my family and our church.  It is my goal for this year for me to take the big leaps of faith that God puts before me.  It is my prayer for you to see these opportunities in your life and trust God through them.  Faith is an interesting thing.  It assumes a clear calling with an unclear path.  Many times, there isn’t even a clear outcome.  Abram understood a life of faith.  God told him to leave his home and to go to a place that he would show him.  He left in faith.  He did not know where God was wanting to take him nor what the place would mean for him and Sarai.  Sometimes God takes us down a journey with a glorious destination.  Sometimes the journey in itself is what God needed from us.  Sometimes we experience the victory.  Other times it is for those who come after us.  May we be willing to take the step of faith knowing that God will use our obedience.

Let me give you this challenge for the start of 2018.  Do not miss a Sunday in January.  God has put heavy on my heart our need to hear these last four messages out of Isaiah.  I believe that God will use His Word to bring revival to our church.  Come with anticipation of being in the presence of God.  Allow him to speak to your heart and surrender to his call.  Do not come expecting to do church and then return home.  Come expecting to be in the presence of the Almighty God.  No one ever finds themselves in the presence of God without being changed.  Pray for revival.  Pray for it for our church and pray for it in your life.  I believe our faithfulness during the next few weeks will be the beginning of God using us to accomplish great things in 2018.


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