The Destination of Summer

My parents own a house in Northwest Arkansas in which they plan to retire. My kids know it as “The Vacation House.” For years, it has been the place we go to get away and relax. The tranquil mountains of the Ozarks with the unique culture that goes with it provide a great getaway. One of the drawbacks is the difficulty of driving in the area. What appears to be a short jaunt to Branson is in reality a two-hour rollercoaster ride with sharp turns and steep hills. It is usually best for everyone in the vehicle to be asleep or someone is sure to get carsick. However, the destination of entertainment and fun is worth the trip.

If your summer schedule is like ours, it is this type of trip. We run from one place to another. We go from a mission trip to camp to sending kids to grandparents and then we seem to repeat it just for fun. The journey of summer is a great rollercoaster. You wonder how you are going to endure it and then when it is over you cannot wait to experience it again. We are right in the middle of summer with all its heat and summer fun. However, we know at the end there are going to many lives changed. Those who go on mission trips gained a new perspective on life. Those who attend camp received new experiences with God. Vacation Bible School taught many children about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. For some, the events of the summer changed their life forever and even their eternal destiny. Keep hanging on. The end of summer is coming and I know we will be able to look back and see that God did great things.


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