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A New Journey

A call to ministry is the beginning of a journey of faith which leads to unpredictable places and experiences. God led me to Eastern Heights ten years ago after six wonderful years of pastoring my home church. The step from Wewoka to Bartlesville was a step of faith into an unknown. I never could have dreamed how these ten years would turn out. The joy of leading an everchanging church while navigating an everchanging family has been a challenge that has brought great fulfillment to my life. Though I am content and happy right where I am, God is taking us on a new journey of faith. I will be preaching this Sunday at Del Norte Baptist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico where they will be voting on calling me as their next Senior Pastor. 
As we have been studying in Philippians, Paul encouraged a church he was separated from to be together with him while they were apart. How could they be together and yet apart? They were together because they shared a common purpose. Pastors lea…

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