Feelings Matter

In a marriage relationship it is more important how a person feels than whether you think they are right.  This is a hard concept when we know that feelings are not always right, and we have been taught as believers to stand on truth over feelings.  But relationships are about people.  When we care about people we care about their feelings.  Arguing over who is right seldom produces a good, loving relationship.  But if you concentrate on how the person feels you will build a strong relationship.  When they say they feel angry when you hand them flowers, don’t hand them flowers.  Not because you think flowers should make someone angry but because you care about the other person.

This is also true as we care about our neighbors.  There is a time to stand on truth and there is a time to care about how they feel.  When we love them enough to care about their feelings, we will earn the right to speak the truth of the Gospel in their life.  If we go to them and argue with them on why their feelings are wrong, they will never hear what we have to say.
As we watch the demonstrations and riots break out across our nation, we need to remember this truth.  There are many people in our nation who are hurting.  Good people are finding themselves on opposing sides of the issue.  We have a choice.  Do we argue about what type of response is best or do we listen and care about how they feel? 

As believers, we must care about those who are oppressed.  God condemned Israel throughout the Old Testament concerning their failure to care for the poor and politically oppressed.  In Zachariah God says, “Judge fairly, and show mercy and kindness to one another.  Do not oppress widows, orphans, foreigners, and the poor.” (Zechariah 7:9-10). 

There is enough arguing going on concerning what we are seeing.  Let us be above the temptation to argue and begin to care about those who are hurting and are oppressed.  Let us love them as Christ does and help them feel differently about those in authority over them. Their feelings matter.


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