Mission Participation

In 1806, students from Williams College in Massachusetts began meeting together to pray for missions. One afternoon five students were caught in a sudden thunderstorm and took refuge in a haystack near the campus and decided to use the time to pray. These five students resolved during this time of prayer to stop talking about missions and put it into action. They later went to Andover Seminary and were influenced by the leadership of Adoniram Judson who shared their missionary zeal and who later was influential in starting the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Judson was appointed a missionary but would convert to be a Baptist on his way to his first mission assignment while studying baptism in scripture. His influence made a huge impact on the mission zeal of Baptists throughout our history. Missions has been a valued ministry in Baptist life ever since. As Southern Baptists we have made missions a priority from the beginning. The Cooperative Program was set up to help fund mission advancement around the world. Eastern Heights supports missions through the Cooperative Program where we send 10% of every dollar given. We support nearly 4,000 missionaries around the world. We also support those who go from Eastern Heights on short term mission trips. Our support of Manna Ministries is a great example of how we can work together as the local church to make a great impact. Just this week I received a video of Godfrey, one of the local pastors we support, witnessing, and leading to Christ some ladies who were members of the Nyau Cult. I led Godfrey to Christ on my first trip to Malawi. We have supported him through seminary, and he pastors several churches in the Kalulu area. Giving to missions matters and helps us to be obedient to the call Jesus gave us in the Great Commission. Imagine how God can continue to use us if we continue to pray fervently for our role in advancing the Gospel.


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