A New Journey

A call to ministry is the beginning of a journey of faith which leads to unpredictable places and experiences. God led me to Eastern Heights ten years ago after six wonderful years of pastoring my home church. The step from Wewoka to Bartlesville was a step of faith into an unknown. I never could have dreamed how these ten years would turn out. The joy of leading an everchanging church while navigating an everchanging family has been a challenge that has brought great fulfillment to my life. Though I am content and happy right where I am, God is taking us on a new journey of faith. I will be preaching this Sunday at Del Norte Baptist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico where they will be voting on calling me as their next Senior Pastor. 

As we have been studying in Philippians, Paul encouraged a church he was separated from to be together with him while they were apart. How could they be together and yet apart? They were together because they shared a common purpose. Pastors leave, not to be on a different team, but to continue to serve as part of the universal church. God is changing my assignment, not my mission. My assignment may be changing but we are still working to accomplish the same purpose. It is not about what I want, or think is best. It is about where God wants to assign me so I can bring glory and honor to Him. 

 You are starting a new journey as well. Eastern Heights has great leadership ready to help transition to a new leader. Pray for them as they serve during this time. Your faithfulness and patience with me over the last ten years is second to none. The church leadership needs to feel that same love and support. I believe the church is positioned to continue the great legacy it began fifty years ago. Greater days are yet to come. A pastor leaving is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey of faith leading to new adventures for all. 

If all goes as planned, our last Sunday together will be July 19. It will be a hard day for me and my family but at the same time we believe we have a lot to celebrate together. You have been an important part of our journey. Thank you.


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