Pray For Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has taken the NFL by storm. He was raised by parents serving in foreign missions and became a Heisman winning quarterback for the University of Florida. Many critics said he would never make it as a NFL quarterback. It has been evident that the critique of Tebow has a lot more to do with his outward expression of his faith in Jesus Christ than his ability to play football. Berry Tramel, sports columnist for The Daily Oklahoman, claimed in his editorial that Tebow must have been getting supernatural help from God in order to keep winning football games. All this attention has caused me to ask the question, “Why Tim Tebow?”

Tebow is not the only Christian in professional sports. He is not even the only Christian at his position. Sam Bradford was never scared to tell about his faith in Christ. He was featured on giving his testimony at the same time as Tebow. Aaron Rodgers who quarterbacks for the undefeated Green Bay Packers is a strong Christian as well. Rodgers, it seems, is just as open about his faith as Tebow but somehow Tebow has received all the publicity. In fact, one of the ESPN programs said that Tebow has almost 70 articles written in major news publications about his faith, compared to only one about Aaron Rodgers.

Tim Tebow somehow has been able to attract a lot of attention. He is a polarizing figure in American culture. It may seem odd that he has a stage that other Christians in the NFL have not received. Maybe, as Christians, we should be less concerned about “why Tebow?” and be more concerned about praying for him and other Christians in professional sports. They have a big stage in order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that they stay humble and holy in the midst of a sport that is everything else. Moreover, pray that God will use their testimony to be a light that will penetrate the darkness of our dark world.


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