Start Right Here!

When Jesus gave us the Great Commission in Acts 1:8 he called us to start with our “Jerusalem.” It is easy for us to say that our Jerusalem is Bartlesville. However, I like to think our Jerusalem is a little more personal than thinking of our entire city. When you think about proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, think about the people you encounter every day. Think about your family and close friends. Also, think about the very people you work with. The truth is you spend more time with the people in your place of employment than you do your family. How can you proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ to those you spend at least forty hours of every week?

I had this in mind while I was reading Jeremiah chapter 1. The first chapter is Jeremiah’s call to ministry. He was called by God to proclaim His Word as we are today. He was to go about his life and be the voice for God in the good times and bad times. In verse 17, it says, “But you, dress yourself for work; arise, and say to them everything that I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them.” What God was telling Jeremiah was that he needed to be dressed and ready to share the Word of God when God gave him opportunity. Paul told us to put on the whole armor of God including the Sword of the Spirit. When we get up and prepare for work, let us be dressed not only for our career, but also be dressed ready to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ with those God puts in our path.


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