The Question Matters

What…? Why…? These two questions have brought a lot of discussion in staff meetings.  So many times we get so caught up in the “what” that we never stop and ask “why”.  It is easy to ask “what are we going to do this summer.”  That question usually has easy answers as well.  However, “why” is a lot more important.  When all we do is look at what we do and not why we do it we are endanger of being like the Pharisees.  The Church does not exist for us to stay busy.  The Church exists for us to accomplish the vision given to us by God.

A great example in Scripture is the story Jesus tells about giving.  The Pharisees gave lots of money and did it in public for everyone to see their generosity.  The widow gave just a mite.  She gave all she had in secret in obedience to God.  The Pharisees did a good thing in giving but the reason they gave was condemned by Jesus.  They had the same problem in their prayer life as they would stand in the streets and yell their prayers so everyone could hear.

I do not want Eastern Heights to be guilty of doing good things for the wrong reasons.  As we go through the summer and next fall the leadership of our church is asking the question “why”.  We want everything we do to be something that helps us accomplish the vision given to us by God.


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