Association Letter for Malawi Mission Trip

Six years ago, Bro. Paul approached me about helping him take a group of students to Malawi.  Africa was not on my horizon.  I like the comforts of home and the thought of being away from my family and church for over two weeks did not appeal to me.  Yet, as I prayed God made it clear to me he wanted me to go.  I thought I would go, have a once in a lifetime experience, and be able to raise support for the great ministries there in a better way. Little did I know God would connect my heart with the people there in a way that had me return many more times.

There are many in our association who have similar stories.  Bro. Paul’s leadership did more than just start over 80 churches and the feeding centers.  His leadership led dozens of us from Washington-Osage Baptist Association to fly across the globe to walk to a hut in the middle of nowhere to share with them the love of Jesus Christ.  Dozens in our association have a love for the people because they experienced it first-hand.  Those trips changed all our lives.  We look at the world differently and understand the impact of missions to the unreached people groups around the world.  A trip to Malawi changes your view of the world and the command of God for us to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

With Paul’s death, our ministry to Malawi does not have to end.  They need, more than ever, to know that we still care for them and want to help them reach the lost in areas where they have yet to hear the name of Jesus.  This summer I will be leading a group of seven from our association to Malawi. We will be working with Manna Ministries including the third feeding center we just started in memory of Bro. Paul.  We will be strengthening some of the newest churches we have started as well as taking the Gospel to new villages where we hope to start new churches. 

As has always been the case, we need the help of the churches in our association to make this happen.  Because of the small group, it is costing more per person for this years’ trip.  It is costing $4100 per person.  We have all signed up in faith that God will work out these finances.  Would your church be willing to help us financially?  Your gift to the Malawi Mission Team will help us continue in the legacy left to us by Bro. Paul.

We also need churches willing to help support Manna Ministries monthly.  We are feeding over 200 orphans and widows in 3 different feeding centers every day.  Without your continued support, we would not be able to provide the necessary supplies to help those who are relying on us for their most basic of needs. 

Thank you for your partnership in ministry,

Michael Vallandingham
Malawi Mission Team Leader
Pastor, Eastern Heights Baptist Church


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