Ready or Not!

In response to school starting this week I have two opposing positions going through my mind.  The first is, “didn’t we just get out of school for the summer?”  The second is, “why is this taking so long?  These kids need out of this house!”  Whether we are ready or not school starts this week.  That means all our programs in the church are starting back as well.  Remember, programs are how we minister as a church and programs do not run themselves.  It is through programs that we organize to be the body of Christ.  We must each find the best place for us to use our spiritual gifts.  As believers, we are most content when we combine what gives us joy with our abilities.  If you love being around children and have the gift of administration, then we need you in our children’s department helping organize one of our ministries.  If you love helping those in need and have the gift of showing grace, then we need you as part of our Grace Ministry Team.  There is a place for everyone in our church and we are incomplete until everyone finds their place of service within the body.  If you have any questions about how you can serve, please contact me or any of our Ministry Team Leaders and we can help.

Sunday night we are celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of the school year with an ice cream social at my house (6006 Douglas Ln).  I want to personally invite each of you to attend.  It is a great opportunity for us to fellowship together through food and games.  The volleyball net will be set up if anyone wants to pretend, like me, that we are 20 years younger.  For those less energetic, bring your lawn chair and find the shade in our backyard.  Watching the young kids on the swing set can be quite entertaining.  I believe that events like these enhance our intimacy and help us to be a strong body of believers.  


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