A Time to Remember

It is great to be able to take time and remember.  That is what this last weekend was for me.  It was a time to remember what God has done in my life on the small piece of God’s creation we call Falls Creek.  Falls Creek is part of some of my earliest memories.  My dad was a music and youth minister so I usually spent the week with him.  I remember following around older students to the Icee stands.  I remember my first years as a camper at children’s camp swimming in the ice-cold swimming pool and having morning devotions under the water tower overlooking the camp.  My first year as a camper for youth camp I was the only guy in our group.  That would have been more enjoyable a few years later.  My first year with McAlester First we went out in the streets well past curfew while it was pouring down rain.  We had just played games with shaving cream and were covered from head to toe.  We started singing “Singing in the Rain” as loud as we could.  This was 1990 and the security Nazis were still in full force.  The whole cabin was almost sent home and banned from returning over the incident.

Some of my great spiritual markers happened at Falls Creek.  It is where I learned how to listen to God.  It is the place I surrendered to ministry in 1991.  My first big event to plan as a minister was to take a group to Falls Creek.  I have helped more people surrender to Christ on the grounds of Falls Creek than anywhere else in America.  I have shed a lot of tears and heard a lot of confessions with numerous students through the years.  I would not be the same person today without those special times at Falls Creek.

The modern worship experience on Saturday night was exactly what I needed.  It was a time to praise God with all our heart.  The service Sunday night was a time of great reflection.  Having Bill Green lead “Saved, Saved” with Senator James Lankford on the timpani brought back the joy of some of my fondest moments in worship under the old tabernacle.  The place has changed considerably over the last twelve years.  The future is great as the camp is transformed into a year-round conference center.  But sometimes, it is good to just remember what God has done. 


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