It is Time

Two years ago, we began a campaign to raise money to update our church facilities.  We called the campaign “It is Time.”  In the last two years, we have raised over $60,000 in designated gifts to help meet these needs.  We have updated the congregational lighting in the worship center, added a baptistery and changing areas, replaced the carpet in the worship center and hallways and updated the projectors and sound system.  The improvements have added to the aesthetics and functionality of our facility in great ways.  Through sacrificial giving and hardworking volunteers, we are being good stewards of the amazing facility God has provided to help us equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

This week we ordered the new professional stage lighting for the worship center.  After we complete the trim work and painting in the baptistery area as well as install these new lights the worship center update will be complete.  We are currently about $4000 short of the needed funds for the stage lighting.  The Stewardship Team agreed to go ahead and take this step so we can finish the worship center before the end of the year, believing that the generous donations will continue to come in to cover this expense.

Since the capital campaign has been going on for two years we have decided to end the “It is Time” campaign at the end of this year.  However, we are not finished.  We are going to reevaluate the needs remaining as well as other needs that have arisen to start a new capital campaign the beginning of 2018.  You will be learning more about this in January.  It is exciting to see what we have been able to accomplish these last two years.  The improvements look amazing.  Whatever we receive above what we need between now and Christmas will go to the new campaign so I hope you will continue to give generously as we close out this year.  With your help our facility will continue to meet our needs as we engage Bartlesville and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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