Manna Ministries

As I sit in my office this morning, I am going through the tedious process of putting together paperwork for a last-minute trip to Malawi.  We have been working over the last several months to get Manna Ministries registered with the Malawian government.  I will be going in February for a week with another ministry partner in order to help take care of some of the details related to this.  This ministry has grown significantly over the last five years and needs to have a structure in place to better support what we do.  Please pray for me as I go with Miller and Ginger Cunningham of SOZO ministries on this important trip.

Our relationship with Manna Ministries began when Rose Malekano came to Bartlesville with her husband Charles as part of a mission’s conference in our association.  Rose spoke at a women’s brunch about the orphans and widows they were feeding.  At that time, they were feeding a small handful of orphans and widows once every 3 days.  We now have three feeding centers feeding around 150 orphans and widows every day.  We are providing religious education as well as life skill training. 

I want to encourage everyone to find a way to participate with Manna Ministries.  Pray for me on this trip in February as well as for the group of us going this summer.  Pray about how your family can help financially.  We need more monthly support over the next two or three years as we work to help the centers become self-sufficient.  It is our goal to have these three centers supporting themselves with a model that can be multiplied to other areas of Malawi.  Also, five from Eastern Heights have committed to go to Malawi in June.  We need people to give to help financially for those sacrificing to go.  Not everyone can go, but everyone can find a way to participate in this great mission. 

If you would like to give to one of these needs please write on the envelope or on the info line on your check whether your gift is for “Manna Ministries” or “Malawi Mission Trip.”  Thank you for your help in taking the name of Jesus to the people of Malawi.


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