The Uncertain Path of Foster Care

When we step out in obedience to God’s call, we find ourselves on a path with many surprises. Seldom does the path turn out exactly as we perceived when we submitted to God’s call.  Eight years ago, Tara and I knew that God had a new path for us as it related to our family.  We began the process of adoption through DHS.  We wanted to provide a forever home for children in need.  Doing foster care was not in our plans and we would passionately tell people that we could never send kids home, but we could provide a forever home for those awaiting adoption.  We could not have dreamed that we would spend the next seven years fostering eleven different children.  It was not the path that we thought but it did get us to the destination.

On Wednesday we finalized adoption for Hannah Lee Vallandingham.  She is our fourth child to provide a forever home.  With this adoption we end a chapter in our life that has consumed us over the last few years.  We have closed our home as a foster home and get to focus on these four beautiful children that have become our own.  God has grown our faith in amazing ways over the last few years and we are excited to embrace this new chapter of our life.

We want to personally thank Eastern Heights Baptist Church for your amazing support through this journey. We could not have done it without you. Your love for these children was more than we ever thought possible.  Not once have I seen any of the foster children in our church get treated differently than other children in our ministry.  Children from hard places can be a big challenge and you embraced each of them by showing them the love of Jesus.  You helped us financially when we received new placements who came with nothing. You provided childcare when emergencies arose.  And you understood when the demands of home kept me from other activities around the church.  Thank you!

Though we are beginning a new chapter for our family, foster care will continue to be a big part of our life.  We will continue to provide support for foster families in our church and across our state. God has given us the experience and heart to pour into these families and encourage them through the difficult journey.  It was not the path we thought we were on, but we would do it all over again knowing the destination was worth the sacrifice.


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