The Reward of Serving

It is rewarding to see the outcome of hard work.  Last Saturday and Sunday were amazing.  The Body of Christ worked together through each person’s giftedness and served our community in the name of Jesus.  The Pumpkin Patch has become a well-oiled machine that flawlessly came together after months of planning and preparation.  Over a thousand guests got to experience the love of Christ through your hands and feet.  I want to give a big “Thank You” to each one who played a role in making the event first-class.  Several people came up to me throughout the event and thanked us for providing such a high-quality free event.  Some even mentioned that it has become a tradition for their family that they look forward to every year.

Sunday evening, we also kicked-off the Engage Bartlesville service.  There has been 10-12 people working for close to two years on providing such an opportunity to reach our community with the Gospel.  There have been a lot of changes to that vision during that time but to finally have our first service was a joy and a great victory.  Dozens of you took place in door to door outreach and the block parties leading up to this start.  It was not a large crowd, but six people walked into our facility where they were loved and provided spiritual and physical food. A fifth-grade boy and his mother were there because of relationships they had made at one of our block parties.  As the fifth grader was making his way to class, he told one of our members that it was the first time he had ever been to a church. He had a great time and left excited to come back next week.

We had around 30 volunteers and their children that were in the building serving.  Each person added so much to the service.  Having several church members sitting around the tables with our guest was one of the reasons that every guest left having a positive experience.  Having our own church children here made the atmosphere so much more fun for that fifth grader who had a positive first experience in a church.  The many volunteers who helped set up, greet and cook helped spread the load around so that it was not overwhelming on any individual. Did we need 30 volunteers?  Yes!  Each one played an important part.  If you came to help, thank you!  If you would like to help in the future, we need you.  Come and experience the joy of serving our community in the name of Jesus.  Serving others in the name of Jesus is always rewarding.


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