On my recent trip to Malawi I noticed one evening in my room a very large spider web up high in the ceiling. Sitting on that large spider web was a large spider.  Now, I am not one that is normally scared of spiders.  However, in Africa I find myself not knowing the difference between the spiders that want to take my life and the ones that just want to hang out and catch a few bugs.  As I was preparing my mosquito net, I found a smaller (but still pretty big) version of the large spider in the rafters hanging out in the top of my net.  After spraying it with deet and smashing it into oblivion I carefully tucked my net under my mattress all the way around the bed and laid down for the night.  However, by that point sleep was a long way from coming.

One of the biggest factors in a good night sleep is feeling safe.  In Acts 12 Peter finds himself in jail.  James, the brother of John, had just been martyred and Herod found that it made his followers happy.  He arrests Peter and has four squads of soldiers guarding him.  He was chained between two of these guards day and night.  Here he was in an unsanitary, reeking cell with chains on both hands knowing that he would die in a few days.  Yet, when the angel shows up to walk him out of that jail, he was sound asleep.  Asleep sound enough that it was several minutes before he realized what was happening was not a dream.  How do you sleep in such miserable conditions?  It is obviously faith.  He trusted God enough to rest.

Do you trust God enough that you rest in Him?  Or do you find yourself worrying about the details and stressing about the long to-do list that is not getting completed.  Peter was able to sleep in the midst of nightmarish situation.  It was greater than just an unidentified spider in your bed.  Yet, he trusted God and slept.  

2 Corinthians 4:16. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.


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