The Journey

Several years ago, Tara and I received a GPS as a Christmas gift from my parents. We quickly grew to love the benefit of always finding what we were looking for. We would type in an address and it was sure to get us where we needed to go and it even gave the time of when we would arrive at the destination. However, through the years things changed. Roads were moved and bridges replaced. A road that was two-way one day becomes a one-way road the next. Despite all the change, our GPS remained the same. We never updated the maps so when we hit the new areas many times the directions were wrong. We could usually find our way eventually but it made the journey more difficult. After a few years of this battle, we finally bought a new GPS that has all the up to date maps.

The journey in the life of a church is much the same way. Every few years we need to rethink our destination and check to see if the route we are taking needs to be updated. This last Sunday we continued this journey with Church Summit #2. We re-dreamed the dream. It was amazing to see how God has been speaking to us in similar ways. We had a great start in understanding the destination for the next 3-5 years. The Sunday evening after Easter, we will have Church Summit #3. This summit will help us understand how God wants us to get to that destination. When we update our destination and our journey we will be able to arrive at the exact place God desires for us. I pray that you join us in this journey of obedience.


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