Love of Action

I have been reading a book that Tara recommended to me called The Fred Factor. It is a short leadership book about a mail carrier who goes above and beyond to not only deliver mail, but to serve the people on his route. This man truly cared about the people and made several sacrifices, even on his day off, to help them. Jesus told a similar story. He told of a Samaritan man who came across a Jewish man left on the side of the road beaten and robbed. The religious leaders who had come down the path before him did not stop and did everything they could to avoid him. The Samaritan did just the opposite. He stopped and helped the man. He then found him a place to stay and paid for it himself. He did all of it without expecting anything in return.

Jesus told this story while he was teaching on what it meant to love. He was asked, “Who is my neighbor?” This illustrates that we should love everyone we encounter every day. It does not matter if they are our race or religion. It does not matter if they like us or not. It does not matter if it is an inconvenience or gets in the way of our busy schedule. We are told that we are to love them through our action. Keep your eyes open this week to those around you that need to experience love. When you see them, make the sacrifices that are necessary to serve them completely. In addition, do not expect anything in return.


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