Education and the Bible

As Mike Taylor was talking about Nicodemis on Monday night, it got me thinking. Nicodemis was a highly educated man much like Paul. We know that other believers in the New Testament were as well like Luke and Apollos. There are many who believe that the Gospel is not rational and only for those who are uneducated fools. However, that is just not what the New Testament or history shows us. In fact, the church is always the strongest when it has both educated teachers and educated laity. It is through education that we learn to read the Scriptures for our self. It is through education we learn how to reason. It is through education that the darkness of the Middle Ages, with all the corruption within the church, was replaced with a great revival that came in the form of the Reformation.

Education is obviously important to the health of the church. We need to continue to collaborate with our local school district to make sure that our children are getting the best that education has to offer. We also must be prepared to answer the questions that arise as they learn to think on their own. If we are not collaborating, we will allow a secular education to give our children a secular worldview. Yes, education is dangerous. Nevertheless, if we as parents and grandparents participate in the education of our children, we will raise children that love God and as leaders in the church, make the church of tomorrow a strong force in taking the Gospel to a lost world.


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