A New Chapter

Two years ago I came to Eastern Heights as pastor with the privilege to work alongside Jaymi in ministry. It is amazing to think back over the last two years and see where God has taken us. We have seen many come to salvation in Jesus Christ. We have seen God bring many great Christian people into our fellowship. The students in our church have grown numerically and spiritually, leaving a strong legacy for those who follow. Jaymi is leaving a vacancy that will be difficult to replace but also a foundation in which we can grow the future. One thing is sure; if God has a plan for Jaymi and Kara in Texas he has a plan for us at Eastern Heights.

I am reminded about life for the people of Israel in the beginning of Joshua. Moses was gone and Joshua was chosen to be the next leader. Several times in the first chapter of Joshua God says, “Be strong and courageous.” There are only two choices when leadership changes. The first is to retreat and find that which is safe and comfortable. The second is to walk forward in faith, understanding that if God is for us no one can stand against us. Retreat is the result of fear stemming from the absence of faith. We are called to press forward in faith. There are still thousands in our city and billions in the world without Christ. We may be going through a new chapter in leadership, but God is not close to being finished with us. As one chapter ends a new one begins. Thank you Jaymi for a ministry that has prepared our students for the next chapter.


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