Keep on Running

The game of chase got very difficult at my house a few days ago. I got really good at using the Christmas tree while being chased as a way to lose Abel and Ruby. They would think that I was just on the other side of the tree so they would keep running in circles while I had ducked and hid in another room. Now I must learn a new strategy or I may never have an opportunity to stop running. A good hiding place means a chance to catch my breath.

Many Christians do the same thing with Jesus. They run with him for awhile and then try to lose him so they can stop and take a break. The start of the New Year brings many new commitments. It is a great time to not only be more disciplined in areas of health, but to be more disciplined in the things of God. Be careful not to start the race and fail to finish. Paul called us to run with endurance. He also told us not to just finish the race but to run as to win.

Let us make sure that we do not find ourselves hiding from God like Jonah. When God’s calling was too hard and did not fit with his desires he tried to lose God. God, however, loved Jonah enough to chase him down and give him the opportunity to repent. When we run from God there is never an opportunity to catch our breath and you are definitely not going to lose Him. There is not a tree big enough to allow us to slip away unnoticed.


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