The Power of Empty

As parents we do whatever is necessary to get our kids to choose what is healthy for them.  The last couple of mornings the only cereal Ruby and Abel wanted to eat was mine.  My cereal is probably healthier for them anyway so I happily filled their bowls and poured the milk.  They immediately began to eat and of course, drink the milk from the bowl.  After Tara took them to daycare I returned to my box of cereal to discover it empty.  The empty box of cereal did not keep me from having a great breakfast.  I reached into the cabinet and grabbed a couple packages of granola bars and left for the office.  An empty box of cereal sure did not change my life.  It just caused me to do something different.

2000 years ago there was something found empty that did more than just cause people to change breakfast plans.  The morning the tomb where Jesus was laid was found empty people’s lives were radically put on a different course.  Because of the empty grave our eternal destination has changed.  We can live life with confidence in our Savior’s salvation because we know He lives.

There is not an easier day of the year to invite people to come to church.  Many who do not attend church on a regular basis look for a place to go and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The choir has worked hard preparing a musical drama of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  I will be preaching on the eternal life that came from the cross and the glory of Christ that came from the resurrection.  Those whom you invite will be fed the Gospel through two powerful mediums.  Make sure your friends and family have the opportunity to experience the eternal change that is possible because of the empty grave.


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