Call for Prayer

Peter found himself in a desperate situation.  He was in a Roman prison.  The same authorities had killed other believers and even his Lord, Jesus.  He was chained, uncomfortable and yet remarkably able to sleep.  Since the resurrection, Peter and the church found new confidence.  Unlike what the disciples did when Jesus was crucified, the church was together.  What could be done in such a difficult situation?  Were they planning an escape?  No.  They were doing the one thing they knew to do.  They were together praying.  They understood that the issue with Peter was not a physical problem but a spiritual problem.

We find ourselves in difficult days in America.  The church is continually being attacked in the name of tolerance.  Doors are open all around the world waiting for believers to step out in faith.  Eastern Heights is in the battle.  We feel the difficulty coming in America.  However, we also see doors open and we are ready to go through them.  This summer we will be ministering in Bartlesville, Tulsa, Mexico and Africa.  We also find finances in a crunch and the valuable resource of time slipping away.  What are we to do?  We are to pray!

We are only going to be successful in our ministries this summer if we are a church in prayer.  On Wednesdays this summer we are putting together home prayer meetings.  As the early church prayed with earnestly for Peter ,we want to pray earnestly for our various ministries.  I need host homes in which we can gather and pray.  Inconvenient?  You bet it is.  Important?  Extremely!  Please call me or the church office and let us know that you are willing to host a group.  I do not care when you meet, where you meet, or how long you meet.  As host you make those decisions.  I just ask that you pray earnestly.  When we find prayer, we will find renewed confidence and the ability to rest, even in the most difficult of circumstances.


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