Slow Down and Enjoy

The rushing of the Christmas season can make it hard to enjoy the beauty of the holiday.  Christmas is my favorite time of year and yet it always flies past me as I reach out to hopefully touch a small piece of why it is so special.  It seems that just sitting down to enjoy a Christmas movie or to drive around town to view the display of lights is far too much to ask for.  Many years the events at church can be just one more line on a list that is already too long to complete.

The Ministry Leadership Team worked to try to make things a little less hectic this year.  The scheduling of a Sunday night for adult Sunday School parties and using Sunday morning for the children was an attempt to unclutter an already over cluttered holiday.  We are interested in knowing if this was a help to you and your family.  Did you like the change or do you prefer something different?  Please let us know what you think.

Jesus only had three years of ministry.  The foundation he laid in those three years has shaped world history for the last 2000 years.  Jesus knew from the moment he began his ministry that his time was short.  He knew that he had to work hard to prepare his disciples to be ready to lead without him.  The eternal fate of the world was being put in their hands and they needed to be ready.  It seems that with such an enormous task Jesus must have spent every waking moment holding seminars and helping them organize for that which was to come.  However, Jesus never fell into that trap.  He spent time daily retreating from the crowds to spend time with his Father.  He went to parties.  He dined in people’s homes.  It appears in Scripture that he enjoyed the time as he fulfilled the calling of his life.  He did not allow the overwhelming weight of the task overshadow the little things in his life.  I want to encourage you to slow down this week and experience the joy of Christmas without being overwhelmed by the busyness of Christmas.


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