Staying Connected

A sobering fact is hitting the churches of America today.  People are attending church less often than they did in the past.  Those that use to never miss are missing at least one service a month.  Those that use to attend every other week are attending once a month.  Those we use to see once a month are attending once or twice a year.  In fact, the average active church attender in America today can only be expected to be seen once every three weeks.  This has huge consequences for the church today.  I would love to think that Eastern Heights is an exception but I’m afraid we follow this trend as well.  I could spend time scolding but the sad reality is we are a culture that has too much money to sit still.  We are always on the go.

We have to find ways for those who cannot be in worship to still connect with what is happening at church.  If we do not we will see them completely disappear from the accountability of a local church.  One of the ways to help people stay connected is by providing ways on-line for them to take part in what is going on in the church.  I realize that there is no substitute for being together in worship, but for those who are not able to be here it helps for them to connect through social media, up-to-date websites, and access to the worship service. 

For this reason we have made some important upgrades to our church website (  You will find a new tab called “live worship” which provides the video player to be able to watch our worship services live on Sunday morning and Sunday night.  I believe that our shut-ins will love this feature as well as those who are out of town or have other reasons they cannot be in the service personally.  You will also be able to access previous services there as well.  Adding this option to an already active Facebook presence we believe will help keep people connected to what God is doing through Eastern Heights, right here in Bartlesville and all around the world.  If you have any ideas to improve our ability to connect outside the walls of our facilities please let us know.


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