2 Big Needs

There are two big financial needs I want you and your family to pray about.  The first one is the “It is Time” Capital Campaign.  We voted over a year and a half ago to start this campaign to help update the amazing facilities God has blessed us with.  We have been able to replace the congregational lighting in the Worship Center from a system that left us with strobing lights on a regular basis to a highly efficient, reliable LED lighting system.  We have installed a baptistery so we can have baptism in the Worship Center and not walk to the other end of the facility.  The video projectors and sound system have been updated to better serve our needs.  We have new carpet in the Worship Center and hallways.  We have repainted some of the hallways and the front wall of the Worship Center.

God has blessed us through these upgrades and our facilities are showing that we are being good stewards of what God has provided through the hard work and dedication of those who came before us. However, we are not able to finish this campaign because we are stuck financially. We still need around $60,000 to finish the baptistery changing areas, new stage lighting (our current lighting keeps throwing breakers and has the same problems our other lights had), flooring in the chapel, parlor and classrooms, painting for hallways and classrooms, a security system, as well as a new welcome area to serve as a place for fellowship and greeting of guests.  These improvements help us continue to be good stewards of our existing facility making it a tool for ministry that will serve us for years to come.  We need everyone participating financially if we are going to make this happen.

The second need is in missions.  We have three members going to Malawi this summer.  This is a new era for this ministry as we navigate this important ministry without the leadership of Bro. Paul.  We will be encouraging and planting churches around Lilongwe as well as working with the Manna Ministries feeding centers.  We just started our third feeding center, Zikomo, in memory of Bro. Paul.  We are feeding over 200 orphans and widows every day through these feeding centers.  If you would be willing to help this team get to Malawi it would be greatly appreciated.  It is costing $4100 a person to make this trip.  If you would like to help support Manna Ministries monthly, your gift will help feed and meet the basic needs of those who have no hope.

Thank you for letting me take this time to share these needs.  You are such a faithful giving church and I do not like to have ask for more.  But if God is laying it on your heart to help in these two areas, it is needed and your gift will serve our ministry in an important and efficient way.  If you have any questions concerning these please do not hesitate to ask.


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