Worthy of a Laugh

We find a lot to laugh about around our house.  Kids are full of entertainment.  We have one child who loves to say complete contradictions like, “I wore the pink socks, but I didn’t.”  Another child cracks himself up so much when he teases that we all laugh at him laughing more than what he thought was so funny.  Abel has the most contagious laugh in the house.  Once he starts everyone will be laughing with him.  He has taken the responsibility to turn every serious situation into something worthy of a laugh.  Daily there is something that the children do that we find hilarious.  With six young children in the house you better find a way to laugh or you will only want to cry.

What do you find funny?  What type of jokes do you like to tell?  When you watch a television show, what type of jokes make you laugh?  The answer will reveal the health of your heart.  Proverbs 10:23 says, “Doing wrong is like a joke to a fool, but wisdom is pleasure to a man of understanding.”  It is difficult to find a comedian in our world that does not build the foundation of their jokes on things that should make us sick as believers.  As we grow in Christ we begin to see sin the way he sees sin.  Laughing at sin only reveals our immaturity and the darkness of our heart.  Paul tells us in Ephesians 5:4, “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.”

It is not wrong for us to laugh and enjoy life.  Joy is a characteristic of those who know God.  Let your home be full of joy and laughter.  But let that joy and laughter come as you see the world as God sees the world.  Let sin disgust you and the beauty of his creation give you joy.  I hope you can find a lot of things around your house worthy of a good laugh.


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