Intimate Groups

The most intimate small group time in all of Scripture is Jesus with his disciples in the upper room the night before he was crucified.  He began the important time by washing his disciples’ feet as an example of service.  Jesus was very honest with them that night.  He called them out for their failed priorities of worrying about who would be first in His Kingdom.  He let Judas know that he was aware of his plan to betray him.  He prepared Peter for the coming hours by prophesying his three denials.  During this meal, he instituted a new ordinance that will serve as a reminder of his death until he returns.  It was a time of teaching, encouraging, modeling, correcting and praying.  The lessons learned by the disciples during these few hours together made them stronger and prepared them for the dramatic events that would soon unfold.

The most important hour in the life of our church begins at 9:30 every Sunday morning as we come together for LIfeGroups.  Jesus taught multitudes but the most important lessons for his disciples came during the intimate gatherings with them alone.  Corporate worship is important in the life of our church but can never have the impact that will be found during LifeGroups.  It is during these intimate times together that we can share our struggles and victories.  We can encourage each other and help hold each other accountable.  We pray for each other as we open up concerning the struggles of our life.  Our strength as a church is found not in sitting in rows but when we sit in circles helping each other grow in their personal walk with Christ.

If you are not actively attending a LifeGroup we can help you find one that is a great fit for you.  We have groups for all ages and life experiences.  You can talk with me or Brian Buford and we can help point you in the right direction.  I am confident that your walk with Christ will grow as you experience the intimacy that is found in a LifeGroup. 


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