The Mission with Purpose

In February, SpaceX founder Elon Musk launched a new rocket called the Falcon Heavy into space carrying a red Tesla Roadster.  The new rocket is a big step in their goal of sending a man to Mars and in 50 years establishing a city with a million people on the planet.  It is a big goal that hinges on the success of this new rocket.

The Falcon Heavy rocket is the most powerful rocket in the world and has an amazing payload of 64 metric tons which is equal to 737 jetliners fully loaded.  It is composed of three engine cores that generate 5 million pounds of thrust.  The three engines, after completing the task of launching the large payload into space, return back to earth to be used again. (  It is an amazing synchronization of millions of parts working together for a historic purpose that is changing the way we view the universe.

So, what does all this have to do with the red Tesla Roadster?  The Roadster became the first automobile in orbit.  The Tesla had absolutely nothing to do on the trip.  It set back in its custom-made cargo area and let the well-engineered rockets take it to its destination.  It has the capability of going 0-60 in 1.9s and a top speed of over 250mph running off a battery that has a range of 620 miles. Yet, on this journey it found itself a passenger.

The church is called to be “intent on one purpose” and “the body of Christ.”  It is made up of individual members with different abilities and gifts working together to accomplish this purpose.  Too many times those who have great ability to be used in the church find themselves a passenger of a ministry in which they are not well-equipped to help.  What is your place within the body of Christ?  God has made you special with a unique purpose.  When you find that purpose you help the church live its purpose as you excel for the glory of God.


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