We Can Serve Without You?

I read an article about an Indonesian tribe known as “the fish people”. They are unique because they are able to hold their breath underwater for 13 minutes and reach depths of 230 feet without any diving gear. After a group of scientists began examining the tribe they discovered that their spleen is twice as large as normal. The large spleen gives the tribe the ability to go longer without oxygen as well as protect the body from the pressure of deep diving. 

It seems remarkable that an organ that we can live without can help someone do such an incredible and seemingly impossiblefeat. I believe such is the case with the Body of Christ. Paul used the human body to describe the church with all its different parts. The body can live without certain parts but it will never be able to accomplish its greatest potential. These “fish people” would never go to the depths of the sea without their spleen and we will never live up to our full potential as a church without you doing your part. 

Sunday is our ministry fair. It is an opportunity for all of us to learn about the many ministries of Eastern Heights and find our part in the Body of Christ. Can we exist as a church without you?  Yes. But we will never do the extraordinary things God desires from us without all of us serving where God has called and gifted us. When we all find the place that matches ourspiritual gifts and passions we will accomplish so much more together than we could ever accomplish without you.


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