Pumpkin Patch Time!

It is time for our largest outreach event of the year. It is time for The Pumpkin Patch! The last three years have exceeded our expectations and I am certain the same will be true for this year as well. Last year we had over 1000 people come through. What a great opportunity God has given us to share the Gospel by showing the love of Christ to our community. 

In order for this event to be a success we need you. There are several ways you can participate. As you are probably aware, we are in the midst of a difficult financial year. We even talked about not doing this event because of it. However, we decided to cut our event budget in a few areas and also ask for donations to help offset the cost. If you are in the position to give a gift above and beyond your monthly tithe, please designate your check or envelope “Pumpkin Patch”. 

We also need you to sign up to help in an area the day of the event. We will need several to help with set up and tear down and we have several areas that need manned during the event. It takes 80-100 volunteers to pull this off. It is literally a church-wide effort. We have places your whole family can serve together. If you are a guest who has been attending, we would love to have you serve alongside us. Sign up lists will be passed around Sunday morning. Please help us make this outreach event a big success. 

Anytime we strive to be light in the darkness we can expect spiritual opposition. Because of this, prayer is an important part of the event. Please pray for those who come to the event. Pray that we are faithful to share the love of Christ with each one. Pray that we connect with families that need a church home. We are working to be even more intentional in connecting those who come to our church. Pray for these conversations to point to Jesus. Pray for our volunteers to be healthy and focused on the purpose of engaging our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


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