A Summer to Grow

Research has shown that children who do not read in the summer can lose two to three months of reading skills.  Kids who do read tend to gain a month of reading proficiency.  If this is true of reading, it is safe to say it affects student’s spiritual growth as well.  Taking the summer off from church as a family has a negative impact on the spiritual development of your children.  Summer is fun and provides many opportunities for us to travel and experience things that are difficult during the school year.  It also takes us out of our routines and makes it easier to stay up late and not get up at a regular time in the morning.  So, on the Sundays we are home it is more difficult to get everyone around and make it to LifeGroups and worship.  Make sure that you provide spiritual development as part of your summer activities and you will see your children grow closer to Christ this summer.

We slow down for the summer to give our volunteers who work diligently throughout the school year time to rest. But we also provide many opportunities to help your children grow closer to Christ in the summer.  Monday, we start Vacation Bible School.  It is an intense five days for your children to study God’s Word as they have fun with their friends. Make it a priority for your children and bring their friends with you.  You will be surprised how much they learn.  For children who have finished third through fifth grade, we have children’s camp July 24-27.  Pay attention to our calendar for the summer and you will see many activities on Wednesday night that your children will not want to miss.

The same is true for our youth.  Encourage your teenagers to get away from the tv and video games and participate in the many activities designed for them.  A variety of locations and activities are planned for Wednesday evenings and there are many opportunities for them to serve.  Falls Creek is July 22-27 where they will gather with thousands of teenagers across Oklahoma and surrounding states to have their faith strengthened and build a spiritual foundation that will serve them as they become young adults. It was through summer youth activities that I grew the most spiritually as a teenager and I am sure that your teenagers will as well.  

Parents, let us do our part in making sure that our children are closer to Christ in August than they are right now.  The only way that will happen is for them to be participating on a regular basis in the life of the church.  Have a great summer!


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