Sunday night is our Quarterly Ministry Celebration.  It is a great time to get reports from all our team leaders and learn about the exciting things God is doing in our church.  We will continue our Christmas in July theme with the meal which is sure to cool us off (at least in our imagination) during this summer heat.  The fellowship with our church family is a great reason for us to get together.  It will be a fun evening.

One of the items we will discuss during our business session is turning our Sunday evening time into a weekly outreach event.  If you did not hear my message on this a few weeks ago you can hear it at https://youtu.be/dhLmbFunYTI.  We would offer a late afternoon or early evening worship service that is preceded by a free meal.  The worship service would take place in the chapel around the tables and provide a relaxed environment for us to communicate the Gospel.  We will be targeting those living in poverty on the east side of Bartlesville but will also use it as a way to reach all unchurched in our community. If you have any questions concerning this before Sunday evening please email me, soonerpastor@me.com, or give me a call,  918-333-2181.  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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