EHBC Coronavirus Update

It is amazing how life can change so significantly in a week. It is becoming apparent that what we are experiencing is more than just a bump in the road. It is, however, encouraging to be part of free society that cares so much for others that we will sacrifice in order to protect the more vulnerable in our communities. We need to remember that while this road is difficult to maneuver right now that the bridge is not out. God is still on his throne. He is not surprised and has been working to prepare us for such a time as this. As a church we will not disappear but we will have to do things differently for awhile. We are having a  meeting Wednesday night with Deacons, Staff, Ministry Leadership Team and Stewardship Team. Please pray for our wisdom in balancing safety and ministry. Recommendations have been changing quickly. We will do our best to make adjustments and realize the plans of today may not work tomorrow. We will send out a statement Thursday with our decisions. 

I am reminded of Jesus’ healing of the man who had leprosy.  Leprosy is a disease that spread through coughing and sneezing. (Sound familiar?)  Because of the disease he was quarantined from the general population. He was also considered unclean because of God’s Law given to Moses in Leviticus 13 (interesting read in light of our current situation). Because of the fall of man, disease entered the world. One of the ways God protected Israel was to give them medical instruction to keep the community healthy in a world with little medical understanding. Notice that Jesus did not avoid the opportunity to minister to this man. He saw his faith and healed him. He then sent him off to the priests as prescribed by Moses to be declared clean. He met his physical and spiritual needs. 

The Coronavirus will not stop us from ministering. Each of us needs to find a way that we can bring hope to the scared and hurting during this time. We must have our eyes open to the needs around us and do what we can to help. What our world needs more than good health is forgiveness of their sins. Life is fragile. If Coronavirus doesn’t kill you, something else will. Death is certain and judgement follows. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23). We have a mission given to us by God that does not change during this difficult time. May God use each of us to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those around us.


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