Not Again!

It is amazing what the weather has been like in February. The snow has crippled the things that we take for granted. Wal-Mart went days without having full shelves, not from people buying them out as much as the inability to receive the shipments that they needed to replenish their stock. Gas stations ran out of gas for the same reasons. Schools have been closed and Tulsa has yet to recover. With all that said, another snow storm is coming. We have cancelled church for Wednesday night again. Another evening stuck at home may not be very pleasant for most of us. However, we are faced with it again.

So, what does that mean for us as a church. Do we get a vacation? I say no. With every tragic event comes great opportunity. A door is open to us, as Christians, to minister to those around us in ways we ordinarily would not be able to. Jesus told the church at Philadelphia in Revelation that he gave them an open door. When the door of opportunity opens to us we need to take advantage of it. I want to encourage you to not go inside your cocoon over the next couple of days. Do not become a bear in hibernation. Do what you can to minister to those around you. Call the elderly. Help the helpless. Visit the lonely. Love the unlovable. Play with the unsupervised. Use your telephone and check on everyone that God puts on your heart. We have an opportunity to show people the love of Jesus Christ. Do not let this opportunity pass without taking advantage of the great need for ministry. Stay safe over the next few days and may God give you great opportunity to shine His light.


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