The Destination of Surrender

The first year Tara and I went to Durango Mexico on a mission trip was quit an adventure. We took our brand new minivan that year as part of the caravan of church vehicles that made the twenty four hour drive. Driving in Mexico was an adrenaline rush all to its self. When we arrived in Durango, however, the real adventure began. We pulled up in front of a church where several church members greeted us. There were fifty or so of us from America and at least that many meeting us at the church with only one real interpreter present. It was getting dark and we were all exhausted and so ready for a good night’s sleep. The process of pairing us up with our host family became chaos. In the midst of the chaos our host was introduced to us and we were asked to give him the keys to our van since he could not communicate to us in English how to get to his home. My stress level was in the stratosphere as I handed over my keys. I knew this man was going to wreck my new van and I was certain that if we made it to his shack I would be sleeping in horrible conditions with roaches and mice.
Little did I know through all of this that God was teaching me a lesson of trust and surrender. I gave the man my keys and held on tight for the ride. After several minutes of driving he pulled up in front of a gate and honked the horn. All I could see was the old wall and gate in front of us when the lights came on. The instant the lights came on I felt like a fool. We were in front of a large, two story home, nicer than what I lived in back in Oklahoma. We were treated like royalty as we pointed to the corn flakes and milk to eat for supper.

Sunday afternoon we talked about the need for us as a church to surrender. There is something about our church that each one of us do not want to surrender to God. We must realize that when we surrender everything to God he may or may not take it from us. However, we must be willing for God to change it if He desires. Eastern Heights is about God, not us. When we trust God and surrender it all to Him the end destination will be much better than we ever dreamed.


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