The Christmas Curse

Christmas is in the air! You see the lights, hear the music, smell the aroma, sense the excitement, and it all leads to one conclusion, it is the Christmas season. With the excitement of Christmas comes the curse of Christmas. That curse is the busyness that goes with the season. I want to challenge you to slow down and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Do not get too busy for God. We have many things planned as a church. Come to all you can but do not let our activities distract from worshiping God this holiday season. I encourage you to make Sunday mornings a priority over the next several weeks and be ready to say no to the bombardment of activities that keep you from experiencing the true meaning of Christmas.

We have two great opportunities this week. The first is Open House at the Parsonage. This is mine and Tara’s gift to you. We will be serving lots of food from soups to fudge. It is on Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00. It is come and go. If you just have a couple of minutes to drop by and say hi or if you want to come and hang out and fellowship for a while, you are welcome. This is a tradition for my family and a day we look forward to year round. Sunday evening we will be celebrating Hanging of the Green. The choir will be performing as well as other special times of music. We will be singing Christmas carols and will conclude with a candle lighting service. This is something new for Eastern Heights and we hope it to be an unforgettable evening of worship as we kick off the Christmas season.


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