Sacrifice for Missions

Sunday evening we kicked off our World Missions Offering. It has been the tradition of Southern Baptists for over 100 years to give to missions during the Christmas season. Kaylene Westbrook did a great job introducing the women whom our SBC offerings are named after. The International Mission Board offering is named after Lottie Moon. Kaylene shared with us that Lottie refused to marry the one she loved because it would not help her to fulfill God’s call upon her life. She made many sacrifices to share Christ’s love with the Chinese. Did you know that she actually died of starvation? As we think about giving to missions this Christmas season let us not forget the great sacrifice that our missionaries are making every single day. Think about honoring Lottie Moon in this way. Skip a meal each week and give that money to our World Mission Offering. Every dollar you give goes directly to the mission field.


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