Join a Team!

The book of Acts is full of stories of people finding their place in the Kingdom.  Because of the power of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives, people found themselves serving in ways they could have never dreamed.  The Apostles were not seminary trained and yet they taught and led a church that was spreading all over the Roman Empire.  People like Stephen, found themselves in the role of deacon and yet he was quickly found on the streets preaching the Gospel and having to defend his faith  in front of the Sanhedrin.  Paul taught the church at Corinth that it was important for everyone to use their spiritual gifts to build up the church.  The power of the early church and its ability  to change the world was found in every day people stepping up to live in ministry.

As you are aware, we have started a new leadership structure.   We are organized through teams.  Ministry through the church comes through serving on teams.  Many of these teams are open for anyone to join and be a part of.  So, how can you get involved in serving on a team?  On February 15 we are going to have a ministry fair.  It will be set up around the perimeter of the Worship Center.  Not only will we introduce the purpose of our teams, there will be an opportunity for you to sign up to be part of these exciting ministry teams.  We want everyone at Eastern Heights to find their place on a team.  By working together we can fulfill our purpose in bringing glory to God as we engage the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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