Order is Important

Order is necessary for efficiency.  On December 23 as we were deep in sleep, unknowing to us, our orderly life was being destroyed.  At 2:30 AM one of our foster kids knocked on our door and woke us up saying, “my feet are wet!”  As I picked him up, assuming he either had an accident or was dreaming, I quickly found my feet to be wet as well.  The washing machine had overflowed and spread water over most of our house.  Our plans for Christmas break quickly changed as Tara loaded up the kids and headed to Arkansas and Jonathan and I stayed behind to start the process of clean-up.  Here we are two weeks later and our house is still far from order as we wait for insurance to finish the claim, to get carpet pads replaced and other damage repaired.  Our furniture is not in its proper place and simple tasks like setting out clothes for the kids becomes a game of hide-n-seek.  Our house with seven kids demands efficiency and it is absent in our home.

In the same way order is necessary for efficiency in the church.  As we kick off 2015 we find ourselves starting a lot of new things that have been in the works for several months.  The biggest of these is the new accountability structure of the church.  It is easy to be bored at the process and to just assume you will deal with the changes as they affect you.  However, order is extremely important.  I hope that each of you take interest in the new structure because it directly affects the efficiency of our church in reaching Bartlesville and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our structure is what gives us order.  It provides a clear line of accountability so we can work in unity to live out our 5 Priorities: Worshiping God, Obeying God’s Word, Reaching the lost, Loving each other and Discipling believers.  There is a place for everyone in our new order.  Help us reach Bartlesville and the world with the Good News!  I truly believe that our new order brings a better efficiency that will aide in a great harvest.


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