Thank You For Serving!

I am convinced that Eastern Heights has the greatest volunteers.  It is not possible for us to accomplish the high-quality ministries and programs of our church without a large pool of workers serving for the glory of God.  It takes over 50 volunteers every month for us to provide nursery, pre-school and children’s programs during our Sunday morning worship time.  Our workers are amazing at showing the love of Christ to these children and take seriously the task of raising these children to know, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  It would not be possible for us to be a multigenerational church without these quality ministries.  Thank you to all the volunteers who sacrifice a week a month serving these children.  If you would like to join these amazing people, please let us know.  We have spots available to be filled.

We also have great volunteers in our many other ministries like youth, men, women and senior adult ministries.  Our shut-in ministry as well as our Grace Ministry serve an important role in ministering to those in our congregation that need our help.  We are able to accomplish so much more than many churches our size because of the dedication and sacrifice of each of you.  Thank you for your service.

If you are looking for a place to serve, please visit anyone in leadership.  We will help you find the place that fits your giftedness and passion.  As summer approaches there are many short-term opportunities in which to participate.  Vacation Bible School and summer camps are always needing people ready to give of their time.  These activities are some of the most evangelistic ministries we have every year.  Lives will be impacted for eternity as we come together to serve.  Serving together is an important part of being part of the body of Christ.  Come serve with us!


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