Manna Ministries Update

As I prepare to present the Manna Ministry Report for our associational annual meeting, I decided it would be a good idea to give an update of our progress.  

Manna Ministries is now incorporated in Malawi and is responsible for church planting and the feeding centers.  With the help of our partner, SOZO Ministries, we are now operating on a $80,000 a year budget providing many of our partners, including Charles and Rose, with a monthly salary.  We also have a plan to buy a 50-80-acre farm which will be used commercially to provide the monetary resources to help Manna Ministries become self-sustaining in the next 5 years.  We have begun the training for our four leaders on how to run such a farm through another ministry in Malawi that specializes in this type of farm.  We thought we found the piece of land, but that purchase fell through.  Please pray for us as we take this important step in the long-term stability of these ministries.  

Some of the other accomplishments over the last year include rebuilding Grace Feeding Center that was destroyed by a storm, buying new property for the location of that feeding center, finishing Zikomo, and buying some additional farming land next to Zikomo that will provide vegetables year-round for all three feeding centers.

Manna Ministries operates three feeding centers that feed around 200 orphans and widows daily.  Two of these feeding centers we started over the last few years in memory of those in our association who supported this ministry, including Zikomo Feeding Center that we started in memory of Bro. Paul Koonce and the Hope Feeding Center in memory of Carol Robbins.  We need $2000 a month over the next few years in order to continue our commitment.  We have a plan, but in the meantime, we need churches and individuals to continue to support these ministries.  We are currently $1000 a month short in meeting these needs.  We need additional churches to step up and help this legacy ministry.  We have partnered with our association to support these ministries.  If you are interested in helping with this monthly need or would like to give toward the purchase of the land for the new farm please talk to me about the best ways to give.  Thank you for your continued support and prayer for this important ministry.


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