Why Am I a Pastor?

When I was 17 years old I had a plan for my life. I had a career goal and knew the college I wanted to attend to accomplish that goal. Yet, God began to convict me that it was one area of my life that I was not surrendering to him. That summer that conviction grew as God began to make clear he wanted me to be a pastor. The conviction continued to grow and after a week of Falls Creek where I kept trying to bargain with God to get out of it, I surrendered my life to be a pastor.

Since that day I have had no desire to be anything except a pastor. I love my calling and believe that God has gifted me in unique ways to accomplish the calling. I was never a great student but I worked myself through college and seminary in order to have the skills to be the best pastor I can be. I have been working in ministry for 25 years and cannot imagine my life doing anything else.

Thank you for all the appreciation you showed me and my family in October. I would be a pastor without appreciation, however your love and encouragement make the calling a joy. It is not an easy calling, but is fulfilling. I love being your pastor. I love our church. You are our friends and family. God has given us the privilege to serve you for over eight years and we hope he allows us to stay here for many more. Thank you again for your love and support.


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