Children Matter to God

My love for children is no secret.  To see children running around the church brings joy to my heart.  Jesus broke cultural barriers by allowing children to approach him.  He healed children and even multiplied the meal of a child to feed the multitude. For their culture, children ranked with the Samaritans, Gentiles and tax collectors.  Yet, Jesus made them a focus of his ministry.  For us, children are the future of the church.  Churches without children are on a countdown to death. Those who do not grow up in church are far less likely to find salvation through Jesus Christ.  Churches that do not train children well will not have young adults.  For these reasons, our ability to do children’s ministry well is imperative to our health as a church.

It is because of our volunteers that we are able to have such excellent ministries to our children. Without these volunteers we would not be a church full of the laughter and excitement of children.  Without these volunteers, parents would not put their trust in us to train their children in righteousness.  We work hard to provide a safe, friendly and Bible focused ministry. We could throw all the children in one room and try to entertain them, but we understand that God has given us the responsibility to teach them the Gospel.  Small groups and age appropriate literature help us take full advantage of the limited time we have to influence them.  This means we are always needing more volunteers.  Your willingness to volunteer in our preschool and children’s areas is imperative to the success of our ministries to these precious children.

Jennifer Hines has served faithfully the last few years as the director of our nursery and preschool area. She has recently submitted her resignation effective the first of the year.  She has worked hard to keep the area staffed and that safeguards in place to make sure our youngest children are well loved.  We are currently looking for a new coordinator in this area.  If you are interested, please visit with me, Jennifer, D’Wayne, or Cassie.  Coordinating volunteers is not the easiest job.  However, it is extremely important if we are going to be faithful with those God entrusts to us.


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