Deacons Are Important

When I was pastoring at Wewoka, there was a safe in my office that had not been opened in awhile.  We were able to get it open and found a lot of what you would expect to find in a safe as well as some historical items that had been preserved through the years.  One of the cool items we found was an old deacons journal that contained handwritten minutes of deacons meetings from the 1950’s and 60’s.  As I was going through the book I realized I recognized the handwriting of one section and found even the doodling around the sides familiar.  I began to dig deeper into who had been secretary during that time and discovered my suspicion to be true.  My grandfather, Ted Beshears, had written the notes to those meetings.  In fact, both of my grandfathers were deacons and present in many of those meetings.  One of the great foundations God gave me in my life was having both grandfathers serve as deacons as well as a father who serves in ministry.

Because of the legacy left from my grandfathers, I have always had a respect for the office and appreciated the sacrifice of lay leaders in the church who take on the important responsibility.  We are currently in the process of electing new deacons.  We should not take this lightly.  Deacons serve an important function within the body of the church.  In Acts 6 deacons were constituted in order to serve an important function within the church. There was division in the church over who was getting served.  They determined to create an office to fill this need.  They didn’t just call anyone.  Acts 6:3 says, “Therefore, brothers, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we will appoint to this duty.”  They were needed to support the unity of the church and to help those in need.

Our deacons serve in this legacy with the same function.  Our deacons support the unity of the church, help widows/widowers and those in need, support the pastor in ministry, and pray during our worship services.  We ask that you take these nominations seriously.  Pray for God’s wisdom as you fill out your nominations.  We are passing out nomination ballots Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening as well as next Sunday morning.  The ballots are due by the end of Sunday morning worship service on February 10.  Please read the qualifications and be sure to sign your ballot.  Only deacons will see these ballots but we must insure that only church members vote and we only receive one ballot per person.  I am excited to see who God raises up to help us during this time of our church.


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