A Place to Belong

LifeGroups are where you find a place to belong within our church.  These relationships are critical in spiritual growth through encouragement and accountability.  It is in these small groups that you will find strength when you go through times of difficulty and trials in your life. Jesus modeled this for us with his twelve disciples as they helped each other navigate a difficult journey that led to the cross and then the explosion of the early church across the Roman Empire.

The significance of these small groups has been especially evident over the last few months as we have had several church members experience serious medical issues.  It has been an encouragement to see LifeGroups minister to members as they have gone through these significant struggles.  LifeGroups do much more than just teach the Gospel. They live the Gospel through community. Visiting, preparing food, sending cards, and praying for them was a great encouragement to them as well as their caretakers.  It has been a blessing to me when I go to visit someone to hear the names of those from their LifeGroups who have called and been by to see them.  It always is shared with a smile on their face to know that people care.

If you are not involved in a LifeGroup let me encourage you to make it a priority over the next couple weeks to find a class where you can connect with other believers in a more intimate way.  If you do not know which group would be best for you, please visit with me or Brian Buford. We can help guide you to find a place where you can belong.  No matter your age or stage of life, there are people meeting together who are going through similar experiences who would love to have you join them on the journey of life.  Do more than just attend church.  Find a place to belong.


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