Listening to God

Samuel was just a boy when he heard God speak for the first time.  He was lying in bed when he heard his name and assuming it was Eli in the other room, he ran in to see what he needed.  When he came to Eli the second time, Eli told him to respond “Speak, for your servant is listening.”  The third time Samuel responds to God as he was told, and God declares to him a prophecy of judgment that was to come upon Eli and his sons.

Do you ever have trouble discerning God’s will?  One of the reasons we struggle is we do not recognize God’s voice.  The absolute clearest way that God speaks to us is through His Word.  Do not miss the general call of God that he gives to all of us through His Word. Does God want you to witness to your neighbor today?  Of course, he has already made that clear in his Word.  Does God want you to be financially responsible with the resources he has entrusted you with?  Definitely, he makes that clear.  Does he want you to be active in a local church?  He has already called us to.  There are many things that God has made clear in his Word.  In these instances, you do not have to wait around for God to supernaturally give you some clear direction.

God also gives us specific callings.  God called me to be a pastor when I was 17 years old.  He made it clear to me as I sought his will for my life that it was what he wanted from me.  He calls us all to special places of services.  These callings are always consistent with the general call from His Word.  We must be listening through prayer, meditation and the studying of Scripture to know the specifics of his calling.  What God wants us to do is already clear.  Seek God for the answers to how and when.  If those answers are not clear the answer should be to use what you know and go now.  Do not use the excuse of waiting for God when it comes to obeying the commands he has already made clear.  Let your response to God’s Word be “Speak, for your servant is listening.”


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