Faithful with Facilitites

Throughout our current sermon series on Faithfulness, we are learning that there are many things that God has placed us as stewards over.  I am not going to be able to hit every one of them on Sunday mornings, but I have tried to hit some significant areas.  One such issue that that God has placed in our stewardship is our church facility.  Many times, we mistakenly call the building the “church”.  However, the church is made up of the people who have covenanted together to serve each other and the community.  The building is the home base in which we launch our ministry to the world.  The church cannot be taken away by tornado or fire. We exist as a church beyond where we meet together.  The building is temporary whereas the church is eternal.

The facility we meet in may not be as important as the church itself, but it is a great ministry tool that God has provided us in order to fulfill our vision.  We can do more because it has been provided for us. The Parable of the Stewards should be applied to this resource as it is to the others we have looked at.  We must use this resource to fulfill the work of the Master.  We must not protect it from use but take the risk in order to multiply the work of the church.

A few years ago, we started a capital campaign to raise funds for the upkeep of this great facility. Since the launch of that campaign we have raised over $80,000 and completed many projects like upgrading the worship center lighting, sound system, video projectors, and adding a baptistry.  We have carpeted the hallways and painted on the west end of our facility. These have proven to be great additions as we continue the ministry of the local church.

We have come a long way but are not finished with the needs.  In order to complete our original goal, we still need to complete some important projects.  We have finish carpentry work that is needed in the baptistry area.  We need to put new commercial vinyl flooring in the chapel. We need to finish painting the hallways on the east side of our building.  We need flooring and painting in all of our classrooms including the parlor.  There is also a need for new furniture and decorations for all the commons areas.  We are only $2500 away from being able to complete the flooring in chapel.  It is our goal to have it installed in July, so it is ready for our Fall activities.  We will then be about $20,000 away from completing these goals as we strive to be good stewards of this great resource God has entrusted to us.

If you can help financially with this need, please mark your envelope “It is Time Capital Campaign” or give online at and choose “It is Time Capital Campaign”. Thank you for helping us be good stewards of this invaluable resource.


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